Who is America? season 2 not happening, per Sacha Baron Cohen

Even though Showtime may be eager to do a Who is America? season 2 at some point down the line, it does not appear as though we’re going to be seeing it. Why is that? It’s all thanks to series star Sacha Baron Cohen’s own thoughts on the matter.

In a new interview via The Hollywood Reporter, the actor admitted that from the onset, this was not something that he was looking to do for a long time:

“It’s like The Ali G Show in England — I did one season. And the idea is not to make it a Seinfeld or an SNL … [The process of becoming the different characters] is grueling … I’m too lazy to do this.”

Of course, you can make the argument that this is precisely what Sacha Baron Cohen would say even if he was going to be doing a season 2 for the politically-tinged / hyper-controversial show, mostly because this is not the sort of information that he would ever want to be out there in the open. One of the biggest reasons why the first season worked was because he was able to film it so secretly that nobody knew it was happening. Now, potential targets would be more attuned to the possibility that something like this could happen to them. All of this was a stunt, and it’s certainly not one that you could repeat to anywhere near the same result.

Ultimately, some things are better off being left alone … though you can also probably argue that the first season was not altogether worthwhile in the first place. While it’s hard to complain about the performance at the heart of the show, this is the sort of comedy that just isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Add to this all of the controversy that followed, and you may just have to wonder whether or not all of this was really worth it. (Did Sacha succeed in making some politicians look foolish and downright reprehensible? Absolutely he did, and that is something that he deserves at least a little bit of credit for.)

We do certainly think that the door is still open for a Who is America? season 2 … but we think the more likely scenario here is that the star will just come up with some other sort of platform or way to distribute his comedy, whether it be a new character or something a little more traditional for the comedy genre in 2018. If there is ever more news out there on this subject, we will be sure to let you know.

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