Fuller House season 4 episode 12 review: A prom for everyone

Fuller HouseFuller House season 4 episode 12 was the second-to-last episode for the season, and for some of the kids, this was one of the most important ones of the entire series. After all, this is prom, a night that goes down either in history or in infamy for them.

In the end, we’d say the results were mixed and the person who actually came out of this the happiest was DJ — ironic, given that she was just there as a chaperone. This prom was a way for her to build some better memories with Steve in comparison to her last prom, where he came into town, danced with her, and then went back to college and the two didn’t see each other for decades. They had a chance to spend some time together (at least in the midst of DJ squabbling with Gia) and at the end of it, Steve didn’t leave — they even had a romantic dance together to Bryan Adams at the end of the episode.

For the kids, however, the results were a little bit mixed. Rocki agreed to go with Jackson mostly as a favor to him (it really wasn’t her scene), but soon after that, their relationship hit the rocks when Jackson started to make fun of her to some of the jocks. This was Jackson really just trying to fit in with some of them, but at the same time, what he was doing was super-disrespectful to someone who, despite her tough exterior, was actually developing real feelings for him.

Meanwhile, Ramona attended the event with Kimmy’s new intern, who was gay and going with her just as a friend. When he had a chance to spend time with someone else, though, she encouraged him to do so. There was a little bit of a happy ending for her courtesy of her ex showing up and admitting to some mistakes … ones that could end up bringing them closer together down the line.

Chili cook-off

Compared to the prom storyline, this was one that really had no impact on anything. It was mostly just Joey and Fernando going at it to determine who made the better bowl, even though Joey didn’t really like chili. They fought and argued in hilarious fashion, but in the end, it was actually determined that their chili tasted the best when the two of them mixed it together. Sometimes, collaboration is key!

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode was actually not a super-idealized version of prom, which is something we expected from it given that this is Fuller House. It’s actually more of a reflection of what prom is actually like — there are some victories and happy moments for some, but also some devastating moments for others since it never quite works out as some people would likely want it to.

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