Fuller House season 4 episode 11 review: Did Jimmy actually leave?

Fuller House season 4Fuller House season 4 episode 11 was in many ways the beginning of the home stretch for the series leading up to the finale. With that, there was quite a bit of content that the show had to cram in, especially with Kimmy getting set to give birth.

In the opening minutes of this episode, it was clear that Kimmy at least thought she was getting birth and while that didn’t turn out to actually be the case, this got Stephanie thinking a lot about the future … and also whether or not Jimmy was prepared for it. Think about the fact that this is a guy who constantly seems to be on his own planet. With that, you wouldn’t automatically assume that he would be father-figure material.

To make matters worse, Jimmy was approached during the episode with a job opportunity overseas. Would he really want to leave for an extended period of time, right around the time Kimmy was set to give birth? That didn’t happen, but there was clearly unease about it to the point that Stephanie was forced to do something that she really does not do very often: Have a serious conversation with Jimmy. She confronted him about the idea of him leaving and made it abundantly clear that she needed him back at home — he couldn’t miss the future birth of his baby! Luckily, he had already turned that opportunity down before she even turned up in front of him.

The funny part of this episode was how Stephanie first learned about the job opportunity — in the middle of a dodgeball game that was Stephanie’s way of letting off steam. DJ even got into full dodgeball player character (think Hannagirl Lecter) in order to deliver some of the news.

Ramona’s prom date

For the first part of the episode, we learned as though Kimmy had found her daughter the perfect date. What was the problem? Well, it was her intern / assistant … and he was gay. For some reason, Kimmy completely overlooked that and tried to set the two of them up anyway.

As it turns out, Kimmy’s intern would end up being her date to prom, which is rather perfect given that he was the perfect date for her at this particular point in time. She wasn’t looking for something romantic and with that in mind, Jackson is perfect and it gives her another friend.

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode was fairly fun, though we could see the end of the Jimmy story coming a mile away — then again, you could say the most thing about most Fuller House stories. This is not so much about the end as it is the road that gets you there. The dodgeball storyline was at least worthy of a few laughs.

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