Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 key art all about move to NBC

Brooklyn Nine-NineToday, NBC released their official Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 key art — and we certainly think that the network’s advertising goals are pretty clear.

Basically, at the center of the key art above is Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) swinging into action on NBC after many years over at Fox. We don’t blame them for a second for prioritizing what they are here, given the fact that this is a series that needs as much awareness as possible. NBC wanted to bring the series over because they already produce it through the studio and beyond just that, tonally it just makes sense with everything else that they are doing.

Also, there’s some imagination in the key art in that, in so many ways, what Jake is doing is what he imagines himself to be doing as a cop … which is, in fact, very different from what he actually does. This is him envisioning what he’d like to be in a certain degree of contrast against what he actually is. It’s something that was also reflected in the recent trailer for the show, which featured Jake having a dream of himself as John McClain from Die Hard.

We also do like here how some of the facial reactions of the characters mimic some of what we’d expect from them. For example, Amy Santiago and Charles Boyle seem to be looking on at Jake with admiration, while Captain Holt seems to be giving us something that is a little more along the likes of scorn. We’re also glad to see Scully and Hitchcock represented here, given that the two are among the big unsung heroes of this show.

One surprise for us here is the simple fact that we do see Gina featured, given the fact that Chelsea Peretti is departing the show at some point during season 6. We weren’t sure if she would be featured in some of the promotional material because of that but clearly, what we’re seeing here is a prime example of NBC being careful and not wanting to really tip off anyone as to what’s going to happen over the course of the coming episodes.

New episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 are going to start airing on NBC in January. Remember here that if you want to see a season 7, the best thing that you can do is watch live and watch often — do what you can in order to ensure that the struggle to get the show back on the air was not in vain! (We do think this show has way more viewers than the live ratings indicated.)

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What do you think about this particular Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 key art? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments. (Photo: NBC.)

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