Fuller House season 4 episode 7 review: Sudsy the Clown vs. Stephanie

Fuller HouseOn Fuller House season 4 episode 7, we had a chance to witness a battle like no other. In one corner, we have Stephanie Tanner, otherwise known as Aunt Steph; meanwhile, in the other we had Sudsy the Clown.

At the center of this episode was a new threat to Stephanie and her children’s-party business that she is trying to get off the ground: A longtime clown who has been in this game for a really-long time already. This is someone who didn’t like the sudden influx of competition and decided to challenge Stephanie in any way that he could — including throwing pies at her home. (We’d say that the idea of Fernando being terrified of clowns was funny in the event that it hadn’t been done by a number of other places already).

Eventually, Stephanie did prove that she has what it takes to the clown … of course in the one way that makes sense. The two battled it out as entertainers in front of a crowd and when Stephanie proved herself, the only thing that the clown could do was admit defeat and try to move forward. Consider the sweat under Sudsy’s wig to be tears of a clown this time around.

This story was one of two super-comedic ones within this episode, with the other one being Danny almost having a colonoscopy live on the air after he wanted to tackle meatier stories. This was as close as Fuller House navigates to bathroom humor … and they pretty much did everything that they possibly could here without showing the actual bathroom.

What’s going on with DJ and CJ?

It took Fuller House a year to really deal with the fallout from Japan, but in some ways, that does make a reasonable amount of sense given the fact that CJ wouldn’t just get over some of what happened in the event this was real life. She’d need some time to actually feel however she was going to feel about it and then start to figure out the right way to move forward.

Because of a class president election going on involving Max and Rose — one that eventually did lead to an attack-ad on the part of Max — the two women did get to spend time together. DJ made it clear how sorry she was to CJ, who eventually recognized that it was for the best that she and Steve didn’t get married since he was in love with someone else. While this may be a particularly-optimistic viewpoint on how this would go in real life, obviously Fuller House is the sort of show that is going to try to put its best foot forward at just about every opportunity.

CarterMatt Verdict

The story with Stephanie was funny, but the highlight of the episode was recognizing how Max could someday use his leadership powers and skills for evil rather than good. To be specific, we saw the moment tonight that time-travelers may want to revisit in order to change the entire world.

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