Survivor: David vs. Goliath: The likely returning-player contenders

Survivor: David vs. GoliathAs we are approaching the Survivor: David vs. Goliath finale on Wednesday night, why not look at some possible all-stars along the way? This is something that we like to do every season as a way in which to give a sense as to who are some of the most notable players and, to go along with that, some of the people who could be threats if they get to play this game again.

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Locks to Return

Christian Hubicki – It feels like this is a no-brainer just because he was extremely popular, a great narrator, and he made it reasonably far in the game. He wasn’t great at managing his threat level, but on an all-star season he would be surrounded by threats.

(Really, we do think that Christian is the only lock from this season — there are a lot of great characters, but few slam dunks.)

Likely candidates

Nick Wilson – A smart player and good source of entertainment. If he wins, that could raise his profile significantly for another go-around.

Davie Rickenbacker – He offered up good confessionals, he’s played hard, and could be a major threat in a returning-player season. Why not bring him back?

Gabby Pascuzzi – She’s someone who proved her mettle as a player as the season went on, and we could envision some situations where she would be brought back in a heartbeat.

Possible invites, if they want to return

Natalie Cole – Yes, Natalie Napalm went home early but she dominated screen time through the early part of the game. We have to think that, at least in terms of her being memorable, she will be under consideration if she’s interested.

Mike White – CBS clearly loves him, as this is his third appearance on one of their reality shows. He’s also done better here than he did on The Amazing Race through two seasons.

Wild Cards

Angelina Keeley – While she’s had some memorable gaffes this season, she is still there and she is certainly entertaining … in part because of them. That could go a long way to bringing her back.

Lyrsa Torres – An entertaining and unique player who probably would’ve been a likely returning player had she lasted a little bit longer.

Dan Rengering – His memorability stems mostly from being voted out via the idol nullifier. Basically, he’s been sent home in a way that nobody has before and that only adds to his profile.

Pat Cusack – Maybe someone takes pity on him over him being evacuated in the very first episode and decides to give him another shot because of that.

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