Survivor: David vs. Goliath finale: Ranking the final six castaways!

Survivor: David vs. Goliath
As we approach the Survivor: David vs. Goliath finale, who are the biggest threats to win it all? That is the focus of this very article! We’ve ranked all of the contestants really just on the basis of one simple question: Who is the most likely to win? Who could actually take the grand prize home? It’s been fun analyzing the field this year but we’re at the point now where we’re down to the nitty-gritty.

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6. Angelina – She’s provided some really entertaining television over the season, but she just doesn’t seem to be on the same wavelengths as some of the other players at times. She tends to do moves for the sake of how they will benefit her later — that’s fine, but she’s far too obvious about it and most of her moves come across as transparent. It’s hard to envision a scenario in which she wins.

5. Kara – She’s played a decent-enough game in that nobody has really ever seemed altogether interested in targeting her. Either that’s a credit to her social game, or it’s just that nobody is taking her altogether seriously as a threat to win. While she’s been involved in some moves, we don’t know how much credit she should get for them.

4. Alison – We tried to be really high on her as a player over the past few weeks, largely because it seems like she has the ceiling to be a great player and people are obviously threatened by her for a reason. Yet, in looking at the entirety of her game, has she really done enough as a facilitator of moves? We’re not sure that there’s enough that we’ve seen to justify her as a winner threat over the top three.

3. Mike – This is where we’re shifting slightly, mostly because Mike has started to flex more of his strategic muscles (including with the Christian vote) and proven himself to be a really solid, consistent player. While we are still considered that his success outside the show may impact a final jury vote in some way, we do think that he’s starting to have enough of a case that he should win over some of the other players mentioned here.

2. Davie – He’s found idols, played idols, won challenges, and shown that he can adapt to the people around him. While we don’t think that he’s done a good enough job of getting really tight allies on all tribes, he’s easily got a shot of winning if he can just get rid of the guy in pole position here.

1. Nick – It’s hard to remove him from where he sits on the foot chain right now. How can we? He’s just too big of a threat to win at the end of the game — he’s likable, he’s made plenty of moves, and while he hasn’t been on the right side of every vote, he’s got a story that will probably appeal to people a great deal at the end of the game.

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