The Voice finale: About Chris Kroeze’s original song ‘Human’

Chris KroezeTonight on The Voice finale, Chris Kroeze is one of four performers taking on original songs; his is entitled “Human,” and this article is all about it!

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What’s interesting about Chris as a contestant is that he doesn’t really fit into a traditional genre. He’s got country leanings, but he also is somewhat of a southern-rock artist with some folk notes here and there. He’s an artist that would’ve been enormously popular in the early 1990’s, when it felt like this particular genre of music was even more popular than it is right now.

What we will say about “Human” as a song is that it does certainly have a lot of merit — the beat drives forward and it has a really powerful message about understanding one another and showing a little bit of empathy. This absolutely does feel like the sort of song many of us need in 2019, and it’s one of the more vulnerable ones we’ve seen from Chris so far this season. It’s not a ballad per se, but it does feel more like one than a lot of what he’s done so far this season.

Can he win with this song?

The better question when it comes to Chris is whether or not he can win The Voice at all, given that, in some ways, the jury is absolutely still out on that and it’s hard to feel altogether confident one way or another. Chris is a talented guy, but he also was a surprise addition to the finale in the first place. We do think that he’s the most-likely of the remaining four contestants to finish in last place, but we do rather like this original song for him — it stands out a little bit from the mold and it doesn’t feel like something we’ve heard from him a million times already.

Interestingly, though, one bit of criticism that we would offer about this particular song choice is that it actually doesn’t feel like it’s altogether better with some of the country instrumentation put in when you get to some of the later choruses. If we were producing this song behind the scenes, we would’ve taken some of that out and kept this more as just a simple southern-rock song. That is where it shines the most and it feels like that is how it will be best remembered down the line.

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