Miss Universe 2018: Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers makes wild card

Miss UniverseWhile the 2018 Miss Universe Pageant has many countries out there celebrating, the spotlight is on Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers in a rather bizarre way. Earlier this week, controversy unfolded courtesy of some comments she made on Instagram that were construed as her making fun of other contestants– which, in turn, led to her issuing an apology.

What we were curious about entering tonight’s broadcast was simply this: Would Summers’ controversy end up punishing her in the eyes of the judges? Well, we ended up seeing Curacao, Costa Rica, Canada, and Puerto Rico chosen first out of the five spots from the Americas. They really kept the drama going as long as possible!

In the end, though, Summers did not advance to the top 15, as the final selection from The Americas went to Miss Jamaica. Apparently, the Pageant’s hosts were not surprised about this at all.

Yet, there was still hope – There was still a wild card! There were a few spots still open there and she could have an opportunity to get in with that in mind. This is where Summers did find a way to advance despite the controversy, and we honestly were a little surprised just because we felt like this was an opportunity for the pageant to shake things up a little bit.

With that being said, there are a few countries out there that are more or less constants of the Pageant circuit: The United States, the Philippines, and Venezuela. (Venezuela also managed to get a wild card despite being initially shut out of the top 15.)

Update: Miss USA did end up being eliminated outside of the top 10, which isn’t a shock (as mentioned) given the headlines. Meanwhile, Miss Vietnam (who was the target of some of her comments), has made it into the top 10. Maybe this is the judges making a decision in spite of everything over the past week; or, maybe this was very much on their mind. It’s hard to really say one way or another without being able to read their minds.

Nonetheless, this ends at least America’s participation in the pageant — despite the fact that Steve Harvey is hosting without that iconic mustache.

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