Fuller House season 4 episode 6 review: The 70’s cruise + Charlie’s Angels

Fuller House season 4 episode 6Fuller House season 4 episode 6 was a really-good example of taking a number of misunderstandings and turning them into something funny.

The premise of the episode was simple enough: DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy decided that it would be a great idea for the three of them to have a girls’ night out after spending so much time worrying about all sorts of other stuff in their lives. The plan? Attend a 70’s-themed cruise and have some fun over the course of a few hours.

Well, here’s the problem. The three women thought that “70’s” meant that they were supposed to dress up like characters from the 1970’s, hence their decision to turn up and deliver what was effectively a tribute to the classic Charlie’s Angels. Yet, what they were actually doing here instead was attending a cruise for people in their seventies. They spent the night surrounded by senior citizens and were desperate then to find some other sort of way to have fun. Enter misunderstanding #2, as they concocted a scheme that one of the patrons had their diamonds stolen … when in reality they were just looking for people with the last name of diamond.

There actually wasn’t anything nefarious going on during the cruise at all. Instead, what we were seeing here was a fine example of people desperate to have hijinks where there wasn’t really anything. Luckily, nobody seemed to mind being accused of thievery all that much at the end of the day.

As for Joey’s antics…

He was put in charge of babysitting DJ’s boys and as it turns out, that really just turned into a full-blown prank war. These guys thought that they were going to pull one over on Joey and for at least a period of time, he was okay with allowing them to live in a fantasy land. This was really just him setting them up for a little bit of failure later as they ended up being subject to all sorts of humiliation. He turned their skin purple by the end of the episode! We don’t think that Joey is going to be allowed to come back as a babysitter anytime soon, though we would personally endorse that from a comedy standpoint.

CarterMatt Verdict

To the surprise of no one this episode had a nice mixture of everything, whether it be comedy, craziness, or a little bit more of a meaningful story as Ramona realized that spending time with her father Fernando is at least sometimes better than going out to a movie with friends.

Sure, Fuller House remains idealistic at times and there’s almost always a happy ending at the end. Yet, if you are watching the show to be entertained and be taken away from the seriousness of the world, this episode provided that.

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