Fuller House season 4 episode 3 review: DJ vs. Matt; Danny’s return

Fuller House season 4Fuller House season 4 episode 3 proved itself to be a story, in part, about returning characters. Some of these caused a lot of happiness, whereas others caused a good bit of frustration.

When it comes to DJ Tanner, she had to come to terms with some of her actions last season when it came to Matt. The two are no longer romantically intertwined and, because of that, there is absolutely some awkwardness here. There’s also a good bit of vitriol given that the two are both immersed very much in the veterinary field. They both established practices after their split but soon realized that it was a lot harder to go it alone.

Of course, it’s also a lot harder when you are putting most of your energy into directly trying to sabotage someone else. That’s what we saw throughout the episode as the two were putting so much energy into each other’s misery — and also damaging their business — they were not able to help themselves. Matt had some fake coupons made up for DJ’s clinic. Meanwhile, DJ tried to sabotage Matt’s clinic by going over there in disguise and claiming that he ruined her pet duck. All of this was ridiculous, and in the real world this probably would have led to lawsuits or worse.

Yet, this is Fuller House, which often shifts beyond realism for the sake of finding a way to entertain. By the end of this episode DJ and Matt were once again working together, mostly because of the episode’s other returning character in Danny. Bob Saget was back to give some advice, though this time to Matt within one of the kids’ bedrooms (as a father, this comes naturally to him). He helped Matt to realize that in sabotaging DJ, he was really just hurting himself since she would always retaliate. The two realized that the best thing to do for the sake of both their careers is actually try to find a way in order to move forward together as a unit.

As for Danny’s own career…

By the end of the episode, he was able to get his old job back! It turns out that Vicky’s new co-anchor was a creep and a pervert, which led to him justifiably getting the boot and him getting the job back. This was nostalgic and certainly fun; it also helps to explain why Danny won’t be around in some upcoming episodes; there is only so much of Saget we have a chance to see in every season.

Meanwhile, Stephanie also made the choice in this episode to start performing at kids’ parties, mostly because she realized that making money and securing her kid’s future was way more important than just trying to make herself into the next big music artist.

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode did a good job of mostly showing that people can get along after hard situations — take, for example, a breakup. We do think more time could have been spent on Danny and that some of the things DJ and Matt were doing to each other were surprisingly harsh; at least they were resolved by the end and some of these people can start to really move forward.

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