Fuller House season 4 episode 2 review: A Blue Bloods tribute + musical

Fuller HouseIf there’s one takeaway that we’ve got from Fuller House season 4 episode 2 more than anything else, it’s rather simple: Blue Bloods is getting a ton of publicity courtesy of Max. Who would’ve thought that the CBS crime procedural would be so important to the plot?

Well, as it turns out, Max being upset about not being allowed to stay up to watch it proved pivotal in DJ and Steve’s first real date as an official adult couple giving it their all. They were stuck in traffic and, as a means to pass the time, they ended up engaged in a trivia contest on the radio. Max, who is apparently DJ’s phone-a-friend for such matters, ended up telling her the answer … in exchange for being allowed to watch it. For someone who watches Blue Bloods as often as we do, it was fairly fun to see it given such a prominent role in this story. Also, there was a pretty funny jab in here about New Kids on the Block Donnie Wahlberg versus the Donnie Wahlberg playing Danny Reagan

In getting back to DJ and Steve’s first date, eventually the two discovered that the biggest thing holding each one of them back was just the near-constant pressure that they were putting on themselves for this to go okay. That included dressing up and Steve booking a reservation at the fanciest restaurant in town. Yet, after having the trivia contest and then, after that, a little bit of In-N-Out (never a bad choice), the two started to realize that all they really needed was each other.

(While all of this was going on, Kimmy, Stephanie, and their significant others were learning a few lessons of their own about whether or not they could stay away from physical contact with the person they love.)

Are Jackson and Rocki together?

The relationship between these two has been at least a little bit tumultuous, largely in that Rocki has a rebellious streak and doesn’t really like to do anything that someone wants … including getting locked down in a committed relationship. Yet, that’s exactly what happened after an episode full of paranoia on the part of Jackson. Ramona and Max helped him to realize that sometimes, finding value within yourself is good for a relationship … as it making it very clear that you’re going to stand up for yourself and that you very much matter. We’re still not sure where this relationship is going to go, but we do think that there is a better chance of it succeeding right now.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Stephanie / Kimmy storyline needed a little bit more of a solid foundation for it to work, but everything else within the episode, whether it be the Blue Bloods tribute or the musical number for Steve and DJ near the end of their traffic crises, was entertaining and rather sweet. who knew that a sitcom would be where we needed to go for reminders that love still exists on TV?

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