Downton Abbey movie releases its first teaser trailer

Leading up to the first Downton Abbey movie coming in 2019, Focus Features today revealed the first teaser trailer! Is it exciting? While in some ways it is, at the same time it doesn’t actually give all that much away at all.

In the video below, you can see what is basically a subtle introduction to the world of Downton — or reintroduction, if you are a diehard fan already. The new movie is going to feature many of your favorite characters in new settings dealing with new and interesting challenges — the majority of the core cast is returning, but most details about the story have been kept under a heavy lock and key.

For much of the series’ original run, Downton Abbey was known as a global smash hit, inspiring all sorts of product lines and also six full seasons’ worth of stories. It excelled mostly due to the fantastic narrative but also a sense of idealism in some way — this was an incredible estate and the show presented Downton as a happy place to work, whether it be for the wealthy Grantham family or the servants who worked underneath them. While this may not have been a full reflection of society during the time being, it certainly did lead to some compelling stories. This was a rare British series to completely break through in America and become a huge hit — it’s right up there with Doctor Who and Sherlock as one of the most accessible British series for Americans and one that took at least some of the country by storm.

Personally, this teaser does leave us very much excited … though at the same time we’ll admit that we do wish that there was a little bit more content in here about the actual story. (A full trailer is apparently coming in the near future.) Beyond just that, we do also wish on some level that there was an opportunity to actually have this be on television rather than the big screen. Personally, we’re a supporter of shows staying in the medium in which they first arrived — but that’s just us. We would’ve been more than fine having the series stick around on television, but we certainly understand that movie is a thing that movie studios do tend to love and cherish.

Hopefully, a full trailer will come out in the coming months — once that happens, we’ll have some more news on it then.

What do you think about this Downton Abbey movie trailer, and does watching it make you a little bit more excited to see the product as a whole? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments.

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