Ray Donovan season 6 episode 8 video: Why is Ray doing this job?

Ray Donovan season 5 episode 4Is Ray Donovan season 6 episode 8 going to introduce Ray’s Walter White moment? We do wonder that, based on the new promo below.

In this video, you can say Ray being asked a simple, fundamental question — and it also just so happens to be a really important one. Why is he doing some of the stuff that he is? What is he really gaining from this? Is there any perceived benefit to some of his actions? It’s certainly not for the sake of helping his family. We’re not sure that he will ever become Walt and say “I did it for me” or admit that he liked it, but his job of fixing is really just a way for him to “fix” himself — it keeps some of the demons and the ghosts out of his mind and there may be a part of this that he finds useful on some level.

This discussion could eventually lead to some fascinating introspection from Ray … but we’re not sure that he’s going to have all that much time to think about it in the middle of this season. Not with all of the other craziness going on here from start to finish.

The most notable part of the promo below to us comes at the very beginning, given that this is where you’ve got a chance here in order to see Sam Winslow tell him that he needs to just get out of her city as soon as humanly possible once the job is done. The relationship between Sam and Ray has always been fascinating, mostly because on some level, she needs him. It’s just not a particular level that she likes to spend all that much time considering or thinking about. She just may be getting to the point now where he’s a liability and some of his actions teeter him over to the point where the relationship between the two is untenable and there’s no real way to make him useful again.

But let us play what-if here for a moment: Wouldn’t it be interesting if Ray actually does make it back out to Los Angeles by the end of the season? After all of the talk and discussion that went into this relocation, it would certainly make for intriguing television to see him eventually find his way back to a very familiar locale and the City of Angels. We’re not exactly sure that he would be coming back the same exact person.

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