Blue Bloods season 9 Jamko talk: Is wedding planning happening?

Blue Bloods season 9

At the moment, one thing that we know for sure is this: The two are engaged and, because of that, they’re going to be married at some point down the line. I hope that there is a lot of substantial planning happening behind the scenes … but where is it? Are we going to see some of it?

Well, one of the things that every Blue Bloods viewer knows is that long-term, serialized stories are not really the sort of thing that this show often does. They often prefer to tell stories that are in the moment, and ones that viewers can pick up and watch on a weekly basis. Because of this, things like Jamko wedding are likely left on the wayside. That’s a longer-form story that doesn’t really properly fit in with what is going on with the rest of the show.

Do I like to think that there is some wedding planning happening at the moment? Sure, but it also has to be remembered/considered here that neither Jamie nor Eddie have formally set too many details of it yet beyond a possible venue. The writers aren’t in any substantial hurry to get there. Maybe they are talking about guests, the menu after, or the sort of groomsmen / bridesmaids that they want to have.

As for the big stories, odds are there are a few different things that Blue Bloods will still include. Don’t they have to do a rehearsal dinner — especially if it happens family-dinner style in the way in which the series has presented it for many years? Beyond that, it feels like a total wasted opportunity if there is not some sort of bachelor / bachelorette party in there somewhere. It could be notable how these cops choose to get down and celebrate. Odds are, they do it in a way that is somewhat humorous and there aren’t too many opportunities to see some of that on this show.

No matter what the celebration could be, this is definitely something to put on the wishlist for what is coming on Blue Bloods moving into the new year. Episodes kick back off starting on Friday, January 4!

Do you think that there is some Jamko wedding discussion happening behind the scenes? Be sure to share right now in the comments.

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