The Blacklist season 6 episode 2 review: The arrest and the betrayal

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The Blacklist season 6 episode 2 proved itself to be, somehow, even more shocking than the premiere. Why is that? Well, the photo above largely tells you everything that you need to know. After taking down more than 100 threats with the FBI and their top-secret underground Task Force, Raymond Reddington (or at least his imposter) is now officially under arrest.

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This was shocking; yet, the circumstances of this arrest were even more so. This was the makings of Liz Keen, who found herself incredibly conflicted as to what she wanted to involving her pretend father and the show’s resident crime boss. She recognized all of the good that he has done for her and for others and she does love him. He’s an integral part of her life and we saw what the two were able to do tonight during the strangely magnificent storyline at the UN.

Following Thursday’s premiere, the Blacklister known as the Corsican placed himself in a position where, sporting the face of a Turkish diplomat, he could enter the United Nations and plant a bomb so dangerous that it could potentially take down the entire building. Reddington’s intel was valuable to understanding the man’s capabilities and intentions. Not only that, but Reddington flew out to Hollywood in order to extract the original bomb-maker, a boozer who apparently does his best work while boozing, in order to properly defuse it. (Kind of reminds us of that WKRP episode where the drunker Johnny Fever got the faster his reflexes became).

Before we get back to the aftermath of all of this, can we at least speak for a moment to talk about Reddington’s speech about Cary Grant was at the UN General Assembly? We do think that this speaks a lot to how he fancies himself, a sort of hero-of-sorts who started from nothing and has created his own empire with a little bit of elbow grease. He takes stock in history while also recognizing his own unique place in it. He recognized that he was not exactly ever going to get an invite to the UN under any other circumstances ever so while Liz worked to defuse the bomb with his guy, he went on a little field trip with Dembe.

(This brings us to the funny moment of the night: Ressler taking a swig out of the bomb-maker’s flask when he inexplicably managed to do his job.)

How the plan came together

Liz was motivated to have Reddington arrested in part because of her own investigation into his true identity alongside Jennifer. She didn’t want to do it, but him dropping by unannounced at the start of the episode solidified further why it was so important to put away him somewhere so that he could not impede the investigation. She was careful in how she planned it out. She put in a tip that the NYPD wouldn’t treat as a big deal, just to ensure that he would be picked up by a few local beat cops. He wasn’t expecting it, so he had no means of defending himself. Meanwhile, he was far enough from DC that the Task Force doesn’t have much jurisdiction there, and the prosecutor overlooking the case is a power-hungry attorney with political aspirations. She wants nothing more than to ensure that he spends the rest of his life in prison or faces eventual execution. She could care less about the Blacklist project and all of the lives that he’s saved alongside Liz, Ressler, and the rest of the team.

Yet, while Liz recognizes that she did what she thought was right for the sake of learning the truth, she also feels a great deal of pain over doing so. She knows that Reddington will never forgive her, and she also doesn’t want to be responsible for his death if that happens. Reddington’s plan is to figure out, by any means necessary, who betrayed him. That’s all that matters now, and he’s willing to do whatever he can to make that happen.

CarterMatt Verdict

This is a new season and with that, we have another exceptional twist as The Blacklist continues to find a way to get all the more impressive. The writing here was top-notch as the episode concluded with the big Liz – Reddington reveal — something that we’re admittedly still trying to wrap our head around. By putting him behind bars, the entire dynamic of the series has changed; yet, he’s still a valuable CI.

The big question to ponder as the series moves forward is simply this: Is Liz going to be able to keep her own guilt over the betrayal to herself? Or, is this the sort of thing that is going to eventually eat her alive?

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