Survivor: David vs. Goliath episode 13 review: Immunity idols everywhere!

David vs. Goliath

Tonight, Survivor: David vs. Goliath kicked off with a plot that was very much about an immunity idol front and center. In the aftermath of Christian staying, Nick realized that he may need to find a way in order to secure some additional safety for himself. With that in mind, we saw him conjure up what was a rather-fascinating plan for himself: Making a hidden immunity idol and then finding it.

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Was this a cool move? In theory, sure, but we think it may have been better to just let someone else find it. Because of this play, Davie was suspicious and went looking for the immunity idol himself. He ended up finding it, but the real catch here was that he had an opportunity to extend the idol’s night beyond one night … provided of course that he was willing to risk his vote. He wasn’t, which is probably the right move since he could always go ahead and find another idol.

This wasn’t the only interesting play that Davie made in the first part of this episode. After he ended up winning the reward, he chose to take Nick with him and then Kara — sort of a “keep your enemies close” sort of move with Nick. We like the idea, but telling Kara about it so early was difficult. Eventually Mike found out about it and he was lucky that Mike didn’t go and tell Nick about it right away … but he did go and tell him a little bit later. This is why Survivor telephone is such a difficult thing and why sometimes, it’s better to keep things secret until right before tribal council.

After immunity…

Mike ended up winning and, as a result of that, he felt reasonably compelled to try and make a big move. That’s why he wanted to gun for Christian, and he told Nick a little bit about Davie’s plan when he realized that no one budging. It started to feel like his plan was mostly just to get so many scattered plans that he could get a small majority. After Nick came clean to Davie (prior to him learning that Davie was gunning for him), he ironically didn’t want Nick out anymore! He shifted his target over to Alison, who most of the survivors were in agreement was a good person to get rid of right now.

So what actually happened at Tribal Council? There was a lot of conversation from the onset of voting blocks, but Mike described it perfectly: A free-for-all. This was a chance to really see all sorts of chaos. We honestly didn’t know who would be going home tonight because there were so many targets in between Nick, Davie, Alison, and then also Christian.

At Tribal Council Davie decided to go ahead and play his idol, mostly to ensure that nothing happened to him. Following that, Nick played both his fake idol and then also his real one. All of the idols were officially in play. Because of this — and a crazy vote with scattered numbers — Mike got his wish. Christian did go home. He played a good game, but he was just too big of a threat for too long.

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