Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover: Why is it happening now?

ElseworldsTonight at the end of the Elseworlds crossover, something truly big was revealed: The Crisis on Infinite Earths event is coming next year.

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Are we shocked that this is happening? Hardly, given that this is going to be the culmination of everything that the Arrowverse has been doing for the past several years. Yet, at the same time, we’re a little bit shocked that it’s happening so soon. On The Flash, the indication that we’ve long gotten is that the big event isn’t happening until 2024 … so are we going to get some sort of enormous crossover that eventually gets us to that point? Is that something that we have to expect?

At the moment, our feeling is that the folks over at The CW didn’t want to make people wait forever in order to see this crossover come to pass after spending so much time this year setting it up. Beyond just that, this may just be the perfect nexus point for all of the different shows in the Arrowverse — after all, you’ve got Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and potentially the Batwoman series all coming together … provided of course that the writers really want to throw all of this stuff in there at one single time. There’s also a chance that they bring in Black Lightning, if they really want to do so.

We’re sure that this is going to lead to all sorts of rumors that one of the Arrowverse shows will be ending soon. Otherwise, why feel the need to tell this story now? Aren’t there chances to press onward and tell it down the road? Well, it’s probably too much to ask for all of these shows to stick around for another six years. This is a chance to strike while the iron’s hot and then figure out a way to work out the logistics later.

There is also one other way that the writers could change the rules of this rather quickly — have some event happen on one of the shows where, all of a sudden, the crisis begins a little bit earlier than anyone expects. They can alter their history — after all, they may not have thought when they first came up with the headline on The Flash that they were going to last this long. How could they predict that the entire Arrowverse would become this big with so many shows?

This news is still breaking, so we’ll have some more insight on it once we hear a little bit more.

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