Elseworlds Part 3 review: Crisis on Infinite Earths is coming…

ElseworldsTonight, Elseworlds Part 3 brought almost everything to the table — we got Black Suit Superman, Cisco as a crime boss, and a whole lot more. We had Oliver at his grittiest, Supergirl as her most heroic, and also Barry temporarily dressed like a villain.

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At the start of Part 3, we had a chance to see Barry and Oliver start things off as bad guys in a new world designed by Deegan — who, of course, ended up being Superman in his own world. Yet, he was a pretty terrible Superman — one prone to violence and all sorts of chaos. He, of course, hated the actual heroes and wanted to do everything that he could to preserve his vision of the world and win.

Yet, what we saw tonight was the heroes finding a way to get creative and fight back, using all of their known powers in order to make sure that it happened. As cliche as it was, though, the one power that really helped them more than any other was the power to do good. They were resilient in refusing to accept that Deegan’s world would be the end of their world and that is where things got all the more intense. Barry and Oliver were able to bring the real Superman over from Earth-38 and use him to take the book of the destiny back. The rest of the episode basically became a battle for the Earth’s future and also had, in the process, arguably the biggest action sequence that we’ve had a chance to see to date.

How do we describe this? We basically had Deegan in one corner fighting against The Flash, the Green Arrow, Supergirl, and Superman. While he was able to bring his power-snatching robot back, Lois Lane brought over Brainy and Martian Manhunter. This was a collision course of power and it was absolutely exciting.

Yet, the thing that really was useful for changing the world was Barry and Kara slowing down time enough on the world so that Oliver could destroy the book with an arrow. He brought back the world to how it should be, rather than just killing Deegan and making short work of it.

The big surprise at the end

Clark and Lois are having a baby! They made the announcement at the end of the episode, and to go along with that, it looks as though Superman is heading off to Argo for a little while in order to be a father and to keep his family safe. It doesn’t seem as though he will be gone for Earth forever, but for now, he’s taking a little bit of a break.

As if this wasn’t enough, Clark also proposed to Lois in the closing minutes! Even if we hadn’t seen Lois before the crossover, this was still fun.

CarterMatt Verdict

While we do think that many of the themes of Elseworlds, including Oliver finding his light amidst the darkness, that we’ve heard before, we do think that this was a really fun, fast-paced crossover event that did connect a lot of dots and include a number of Easter eggs.

We do imagine that there’s going to be another big crossover coming in the future … after all, that was confirmed with Crisis on Infinite Earths coming in 2019. Who knew that would be so soon? This is the big culmination of the ENTIRE Arrowverse and as fun as this was the past few nights, this is something even bigger. It’s also an enormous shock, with nobody being able to predict it was coming.

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