MIA Shows: Where is The OA season 2 over at Netflix?

What’s going on when it comes to The OA season 2 at Netflix? This is certainly the perfect subject in today’s edition of our MIA Shows article series.

When The OA first premiered, it quickly became an under-the-radar hit for the streaming service. Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij came together to deliver an intense but also mysterious and thought-provoking drama that left you basically wanting more with each passing episode. The problem is that it’s been more than two years now since the most-recent episode aired, and that’s a long time to wait for any show — especially one that can be binge-watched within the matter of just days.

So … is The OA season 2 still happening? Note that it was renewed previously, so this isn’t an issue of waiting around for some good news to come out. Instead, we’re just waiting for the end product to be delivered. Rest assured, work is still being done.

In a new post on Twitter (see HERE), actor Brandon Perea made it clear that he had “no answers” on the show’s future; however, he insisted that Brit and Zal are continuing to work on making it perfect so when it’s completely done, it will be released. One important thing to remember with The OA in particular is that it could come out without a whole lot of fanfare. One of the things that was so notable about the first season is how Netflix opted for somewhat of a quiet release; they didn’t do a whole lot of promotion for it ahead of time, and they really didn’t seem to want viewers to know precisely what it was. They left a lot up to the imagination and with that, there was a ton of fun stuff for viewers to discover when it actually did come out on the air.

As of right now, our feeling is that season 2 could launch at some point within the first half of the new year … if we’re lucky, of course. Once you get more than 2-3 years past the prior season’s release, you do start getting into dangerous water where casual fans may not be remembering you anymore. You don’t want to rush a show for the sake of just getting it out there, but you also have to be careful with just how long of a delay there is, as well. It’s a delicate balancing act but we hope that viewers end up discovering The OA season 2 when it is out just as much as they did the first go-around for the series.

Do you want to get The OA season 2 on the air sooner rather than later? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments. Rest assured that once there is more news out there, we’ll have it for you here.

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