Ink Master season 11 finale preview: The styles and sabotages!

Ink MasterAre you ready for the Ink Master season 11 finale on the Paramount Network next week? Well, on tonight’s episode the stage was set for the final showdown. You have Tony Medellin, Tiffer Wright, and Teej Poole facing off — meanwhile, Christian Buckingham and Cleen Rock One will do the same as they look to settle the final grudge match once and for all.

In this article, we want to give you some of the information about the styles / sabotages announced tonight … and how that may impact the competition to come.

The Master Canvas – All three of the finalists are going to have a chance to design a back piece using whatever tricks of the trade that they want. The styles are open and this allows them to really show off what they can do. All three of these guys are incredibly creative, but sometimes, artists in this spot need to realize that less can be more. We’ve seen many different artists go overboard here and cram too much in.

A new six-hour tattoo – This one is fairly interesting in that each one of the final three will need to work tag-team with their coach to try and deliver on the best design that they possibly can. Yet, they’re not in control of the style or substance of it. Basically, someone from the other team got to choose some of what they were doing instead.

For example, Team Cleen decided that Teej is going to have to tattoo a full-color Japanese dragon — that was a clear attempt to throw him off, but he doesn’t actually seem to be all that mad about it. He seems cooler about the challenge in general compared to the other two. First, Teej decided to give Tony a woman’s face with skull imagery included alongside some black-and-gray realism. He did something fairly similar to Tiffer, but in a true act of trolling, opted to assign Tiffer a lion. It’s something that he struggled to nail earlier this season and clearly, the idea here is that there’s no way that Tiffer can get it done this time around, either. The same goes for Cleen.

The Grudge Match – This is where Cleen and Christian are going to square off, and since Cleen has more artists, he’s got the power of sabotaging him twice! Some of Christian’s signature styles were taken from him, and beyond that he cannot tattoo either the back or the chest — two of the meatiest areas for any artist. Christian retaliated by taking away the back on Cleen’s canvas as well as new-school. Christian claims that he’s going to do full color to show versatility so, in the end, this should be fun.

Who will win?

Tiffer is probably the favorite based on overall body of work this season, but it’s hard to rule out Teej given how incredibly strong he’s been for almost the entirety of the second half of this season in particular. He’s probably more versatile than Tiffer is, but the question here remains if he has the same sort of mad-scientist mind for creating ideas. Tony’s clearly the underdog of the bunch, but he does have a ton of tattooing experience that he can rely on.

The past few weeks of the competition have been fairly predictable, but now, things are about to be blown wide open as we press forward.

What do you want to see on the Ink Master season 11 finale? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments below! (Photo: Paramount Network.)

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