Chicago PD season 6 midseason report card: Antonio’s story and more

Chicago PD season 6In this Chicago PD season 6 midseason report card, we come bearing one simple question: What’s working with the NBC drama?

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Obviously, it feels simple to discuss Antonio Dawson at the start of this article given that so much about the midseason finale revolved around the character. Jon Seda killed this arc of his character’s opioid addiction and the consequences of those actions — which led to the death of a suspect. This proved to be arguably the best story of this season given that it lasted for most of the nine episodes and it was, from start to finish, about how a good cop ends up doing a very bad thing because he is no longer in control of himself. This is heartbreaking, but these situations happen even if Chicago PD took it to an extreme.

So did all of the other storylines work around it this season? Let’s focus now on two of the big ones.

The arrival of Anne Heche as Brennan – She is a brilliant actress, but in our mind this was a little bit hit or miss just because there is so much more that could have been done here. Luckily, it doesn’t feel like it has fully reached its peak, given that there are a lot of interesting directions that this series can go in order to show just how much / how little control Voight actually has over his own actions as the leader of Intelligence.

Ruzek and Upton – This one, fair to say, has been a little more polarizing. For years, fans have been frustrated with the way that the Ruzek / Burgess relationship has been somewhat jerked around, and we are now in this situation where Adam has gravitated to someone else and they are dominating the air time. While on paper the idea of this story makes sense, it’s more maddening when you think about the established history that’s being pushed to the side somewhat to make that happen — especially when there were a few Burzek moments just last season on the show.

What’s missing? – We need a couple of big Trudy Platt stories in the second half of the season, especially since it feels like she’s being pushed further and further to the side. We also do wonder eventually if someone will be brought in to replace Olinsky; we don’t necessarily want to see it, but we are a little bit surprised that it has not been even discussed on a larger level.

Midseason Verdict

Chicago PD season 6 is doing a great job with Antonio, at least to the point that it’s helping to cover for some other missteps. Yet, the longer season 6 goes, the more obvious those could become. Grade: B.

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