Elseworlds part 1 review: A body swap, Lois Lane, and John Deegan!

ElseworldsElseworlds part 1 arrived on The CW on Sunday after literally months’ worth of hype. Luckily, it does appear as though it was worth all that waiting! This was a dramatic story at times about characters undergoing a little bit of a bizarre DNA switcheroo. Yet, at the same time it was also hilarious.

Basically, what we saw started tonight with Oliver Queen and Barry Allen waking up at each other and realizing that they were not in the correct body anymore. Seeing Oliver come to terms with this was hysterical, in particular him realizing that he was married to Iris and was expected to perform at the same level he was used to in the field. Barry as Oliver Queen had the same problem over in Star City. Barry and Oliver were the only two people to recognize that something unusual was happening around them and because of that, they embarked on a journey for answers. Since nobody on Earth-1 was altogether willing to listen to them and help them, they eventually traveled elsewhere (think Earth-38) in order to find someone who would.

In the world of Supergirl and Superman, nothing was out of the ordinary at all. They were able to be themselves around then and because of that, they were able to get at least somewhat on the road to understand … though they still didn’t know who actually caused this. (Wasn’t it nonetheless nice to have Lois Lane on the show?) Everyone eventually traveled back to Earth-1, once Cisco showed up and claimed that he bought into what Oliver and Barry were saying, for a very specific reason: Taking out a robot that was tearing up the city.

What unfolded here of heroes vs. robot was all sorts of epic, especially since this robot was able to replicate their powers and use them against the team. It took some careful planning, but eventually, the group was able to think of the perfect way to deal with him.

So what happens from here?

That’s the next obvious question and we came into this episode with more information than any of the heroes. We saw The Monitor at the start of the episode pay a visit to Dr. John Deegan, a failed psychologist / mad scientist, in order to let him partially reshape the world. Prior to this, it looked as though The Monitor effectively wrecked the world of a different Flash, one portrayed by the original ’90s star in John Wesley Shipp.

After the battle, we saw Superman return back to Earth-38 and in the aftermath of this, everyone could breathe a little bit easier. There were some emotional issues here, though, in that Barry was starting to become Oliver Queen, and that is not the sort of person Iris fell in love with.

In the closing minutes of the episode, Cisco opened up to everyone about something that he got a glimpse of a little bit earlier in the episode: The Monitor working with John Deegan. They were able to figure out where the character was located: Gotham City. That’s the only big clue that they’ve got at the moment, but that’s at least enough to set the stage for what’s next.

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