Ink Master season 11 episode 15 video: How sabotage comes into play

Ink Master

Moving into Ink Master season 11 episode 15 airing on the Paramount Network Tuesday night, the final four are going to be facing a challenge that is certainly different than any that they’ve encountered to date.

Basically, we’re at a point in the season now where the remaining contestants have to figure out precisely the path they want to take to the finale. While we know that this has been a team competition the entirety of the way, this is when you have to start thinking for yourself and getting your eyes on the prize. This seems to be what Teej Poole is thinking more so than anyone.

The name of the game for this challenge, likely the first of many in this episode, is having to design a drawing for another artist of your choosing to do. Teej drew first, and he rather surprisingly chose Tim rather than trying to throw off either Tony or Tiffer over on Team Cleen. Not only this, but he also decided to draw Tim a face, something that he isn’t entirely comfortable with doing. While Teej says in confessional that he doesn’t want to see his fellow Team Christian member go home, he may realize that he just needs to figure out a way to make it to the finale at all costs.

Tim opted to design for Tony in this challenge, while Tony chose to do Tiffer and then Tiffer, by default, had to design for Teej. In looking at some of the information that we’ve got in this video, it feels like Team Cleen has somewhat of the edge here. Tim opted to do the face Teej gave him in black and gray, which is not exactly what he was hoping he was going to do heading into the challenge. Meanwhile, the color choices and the design itself on Teej’s tattoo are a little bit questionable, and we say that as someone who’s felt as though Teej had the inside track to the finale over the past few weeks.

Even if Team Cleen has the slight edge at the moment, a big thing to remember is that this is likely far from the end of the road for these teams in this episode. There could be three artists who compete in another challenge after this, depending of course on if the finale is structured like some other ones in the past. In the end, we do think that some of these contestants are going to get some other opportunities to prove themselves.

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