Ink Master season 11 episode 15 preview: Ranking the top four!

Ink MasterWe’re only two episodes away now from the Ink Master season 11 finale and with that in mind, the main question we have is the same as everyone else watching this season: Who is going to win? Everyone left has their strengths, and while we do think there’s a pretty clear top two, there may be just enough flexibility for there to be a couple of different final-three combinations.

Below, we’re doing our best to rank the four semifinalists, at least based on what we’ve seen from them so far this season. Think in terms of overall tattooing quality, the edit on the show so far, and also how versatile they are to take on almost any challenge.

4. Tim Stafford – He’s probably our favorite contestant just in terms of his personality and his style; we just wish he got to do more of his new-school work on the show itself. He’s a really unique artist with more versatility than it seemed, but we’re not sure that, cumulatively, the judges have treated him like a finalist even though he did just win best tattoo tonight. We do still think Tim can make the finale if he performs like he did tonight and Tony stumbles one more time.

3. Tony Medellin – He’s a really strong artist who can do a number of different things really well — he’s just a solid technician and he can do a lot of different things application-wise better than almost anyone else left int he competition. Does he still have a few weaknesses? Sure, with portraits being an obvious one. Yet, he made it through that and more than likely, he won’t have to do another one like this for the rest of the season. That should help him stick around.

2. Teej Poole – He’s been the strongest artist the past few weeks and it’s pretty obvious why — he can do color and black and gray, though he really shines at realism and creating photo-accurate tattoos. He has a skill very few other people do, and we do think that he’s peaking in this competition at the right time to be a serious threat for the title. A Teej win would feel very much deserved, and even if you are rooting for Tiffer, it would be a justified win based on what we’ve seen.

1. Tiffer Wright – With all of that being said about Teej, it’s still hard to vote against the guy who, pound for pound, has been solid and a serious threat all competition long. Tonight was the first time he was in the bottom, but he was really only there because the judges needed three people. He’s probably more creative idea-wise than anyone else left, and to go along with that he’s a fantastic artist who can pull a wide array of rabbits out of his hat.

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