Timeless movie spoilers: Trouble ahead for future Lucy, Wyatt

While the upcoming Timeless movie will give you a chance to see Lucy and Wyatt in the future, but that does not mean that the two get along.

Speaking via TVLine about the upcoming December 20 event, star Abigail Spencer had the following to say in comments that may take many Lucy – Wyatt ‘shipper aback:

“They don’t like each other … They work together, but it’s very bristly and cold between them.”

Matt Lanter adds that the two of them come via “a certain timeline in which things are not good, as you can pretty much tell by their clothing and just everything … Things look harsh, and I don’t think their relationship is any different. So we kind of wonder, ‘Is that the future or not [for Lucy and Wyatt]?’”

Our answer to this, and this is something seeming corroborated by Spencer, is that this is not 100% certain to be the future for Lucy and Wyatt. Yet, it could be the future for the two of them provided that Rufus is not alive. It goes to show you the value of Rufus and just how important that he may be to both these characters and also the future of the entire world. He’s a source of hope, and he may be a source of insight, innovation, and a brighter future. That’s why saving him is so important! Rectifying this situation with Rufus is going to be one of the big narrative pushes for the movie, though we’re anticipating that there are some other big priorities as the story develops. There’s going to be some sort of threat presence (after all, Emma is returning) and beyond that, who knows what the future holds? At least there will be a chance for a little bit of peace to come here courtesy of the holiday season, which is going to play at least some sort of role within the movie.

Timeless may be a show that is about time-travel, fantastic costumes, and adventure, but when the dust settles it will be remembered for the characters. You watch for the people, and it really doesn’t matter whether you ‘ship certainly characters or you just root for them to be happy. The journey matters more than just about anything else.

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