Ray Donovan season 6 episode 7 video: Ray’s latest dilemma

Ray Donovan season 6What’s coming up when it comes to Ray Donovan season 6 episode 7? Loyalties will be tested, and it seems like Ray’s got a big decision to make.

Think back to what we’ve seen so far this season; after all, Mac did tell Ray that it was better for him to get out of town. He hasn’t done that and now, he may find himself in a position where he has to work alongside the cops. If you go ahead and add into all of this what he’s got going on with Sam Winslow and the Mayoral race, this is a guy who isn’t finding any more peace in New York than what he had previously.

Then, you’ve also got in the mix here a Mickey who may be a little more desperate than any other version that we’ve seen from him so far. On some level, he seems to be consciously aware of the fact that he is acting on borrowed time and there’s only so long that he is going to be able to continue doing some of what he is running around the country. He has to find a way to escape, whether it is via boat or via border crossing into Canada.

What we’re left to wonder in the midst of all of this is ultimately rather simple: Are we eventually going to see this character forced to make a decision that nobody really expects? Is it possible that Mickey could actually end up staying in the country? While we know that Jon Voight’s character is not at the forefront of the show, he is the one we remain the most intrigued about just because the writers have seemingly written him into a wall. How do you find a way to keep him in the show? Fleeing the country isn’t really a way to make this happen.

Ultimately, this is a great season of Ray Donovan so far and really the #1 thing making that so is that there is a lot of focus on family. Beyond that, you are seeing a lot of the brutality and intrigue that was there in early seasons. Ray is suffering and the longer that we foresee this story last, the more down the hole he could become to the point where, yet again, he cannot find a surface. He may need a break from New York, and that is a rather-funny thing to say given that he only recently relocated to the Big Apple after spending the first several years of the series in Los Angeles.

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