The Blacklist season 6 trailer: Is Reddington behind bars?

The BlacklistNBC has just released the first The Blacklist season 6 trailer, and this one shows Reddington in a rather-surprising place in his life. After all, who saw him getting arrested this season?

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In the video below (via Entertainment Weekly), you can see what is effectively a highlight reel for some of what’s coming as law enforcement has finally found a way to take this guy down — and, to the surprise of pretty much no one, they seem to be fairly thrilled with it. This trailer is reminiscent of the early days of the show, back when we did get frequent reminders that Reddington was labeled one of the most dangerous targets in the entire country. While he has been rather helpful to the FBI, none of that completely washes away the fact that this is still someone who has done a number of unspeakably bad things.

So, who is responsible for getting him behind bars … and is it Liz? That’s one of the things that this trailer is taking a rather close look at, as Reddington seems to be eager to get a little bit of help from her. In his mind, Liz thinks that he is her father, not knowing that she’s uncovered information that shows otherwise. This is to us the most-compelling hook of this episode at the moment — We have Liz who has this information that changes the entire game of the series, but with that in mind, she has the power to choose anything that she wants to do with it. She can expose him, or try her best in order to hold onto this information for as long as humanly possible.

One way or another, this is gonna be a gas … to quote a certain master criminal on this show.

The Blacklist season 6 is going to have a two-night premiere beginning on Thursday, January 3 at the conclusion of The Titan Games. The second episode will air in the series’ new typical timeslot of Friday nights at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. Despite the later start date there are still going to be 22 episodes this season, meaning that you can expect for there to be new episodes virtually every week of the season from start to finish. Don’t take the late start as a sign the series is ending; that will be determined by the ratings when they start to come in.

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