Will & Grace season 10 episode 9 return date: When’s it coming back?

Will & GraceCurious in learning the Will & Grace season 10 episode 9 return date after the midseason finale tonight? Rest assured, we’ve got that information within!

Let’s kick things off here, though, by getting some of the bad news out of the way — the Debra Messing series is not going to be back on the air immediately. Because of the way in which NBC is setting up their schedule in the new year, there’s not going to be a new installment that you get a chance to see Thursday, January 31 — basically, the show is not going to be on the air until we get a chance to see The Good Place season 3 come to a close. NBC has a little more of a limited schedule for comedies in the new year and clearly, a number of shows are having to work around that.

Should you view the hiatus as some sort of trouble sign for Will & Grace? Hardly. While this is not anywhere near the ratings dynamo that it once was many years ago, we do get the feeling that NBC is more than happy with its overall performance and how it has fared over the past couple of years. It has brought a nostalgic audience to the network and, to go along with that, a general sense of overall eagerness. There’s a lot of fun stuff that can be dived into and explored still with this series, and that’s a fun thing when it comes to its premise — just by the virtue of the sort of show that this is, it’s never going to go 100% stale.

Ultimately, there is a rather-nice batch of episodes still to come with season 10, so when the series does come back to the air, at least you can rest assured that it’s not going to be gone in just a couple of weeks. What we’re the most curious about here is whether or not we’re going to see the series really try to dive in and tackle a little bit more some other super-pressing issues that are going on in the country. What’s been so brilliant about the revival so far is that it’s felt timely, but at the same time also has not felt as though they are necessarily forcing anything down viewers’ throats, either. They’ve taken their time to blend in present-day issues with some of the same stories and themes that you’ve come to see on the series over time.

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