Supernatural season 14 episode 8: Did Jack die? Castiel’s sacrifice

Alexander CalvertTonight, Supernatural season 14 episode 8 kicked things off by deciding that they wanted to emotionally break a good many of their viewers. We knew that Alexander Calvert’s character of Jack was in mortal danger at the start of the episode; yet, we did still hold out a certain degree of hope that the character would find a way to emerge from it. He was still young, and with that, he did still have so much to give and learn from the world.

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Yet, at just after the five-minute mark of the episode, it felt like the writers were ready to send the character out to pasture — the Jack character died and with that, we were left to shrug our shoulders and wonder whether or not that was really it. Had we witnessed the end of this guy as we knew it?

Well, the thing that we have to remember here is that this is Supernatural. This is a show where almost anything can happen and where dying doesn’t really mean that you’re gone for good. We saw that almost minutes after the character’s death when he started to move around in the afterlife … or at least our interpretation of it. If Supernatural really intended to write out Alexander Calvert, don’t you think that they would have just done that? While Sam and Dean did their best in order to orchestrate a last-ditch rescue mission for Jack back on Earth, in Heaven Jack had an opportunity to get in touch with some parts of his old life, including his mother! Wasn’t it nice to see Courtney Ford back on the show again? That is one of the benefits of Supernatural and Legends of Tomorrow filming in the same place.

As happy as it was to see Ford and as cool as it was to check out this particular interpretation of the other side, it doesn’t take away from some of the darkness that was clearly present within this particular world overall. After all, Jack’s presence there had caused a glorified war to begin and Castiel realized that the only way to undo it was to extract him. He had to figure out a way to get Jack back on Earth before things got worse and The Empty started to take billions of souls away from their resting place.

That’s why Castiel ended up making one of his biggest decisions yet, offering himself up as a sacrifice in the event that Jack could go and everyone else would spared. Misha Collins’ isn’t leave the show, but it’s certainly clear that at some point in the future, he could be targeted when he least expects it. His happiness could be taken from him and he could suffer … though that may not happen for a while.

Was Jack revived?

Yes! In the closing minutes Jack re-emerged on Earth, though it took so much magic from Lily that she ended up perishing herself. Castiel is going to have a lot to worry about moving forward, but so does everyone else. After all, the threat of Michael has not been altogether contained at this particular moment.

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