Lucifer season 4 wraps filming; where do we go from here?

LuciferThere’s a good chance that you heard the news over the past 24 hours: Lucifer season 4 filming is done. It’s the end of an era, and it’s a celebratory and also emotional one. This is a season that, if not for the fans, would have been only in dreams. It came about on Netflix as a result of an enormous campaign, plenty of support, and of course passion from everyone who gives their all in order to make this show into something big and successful.

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Now that we’ve said all of that, though, there is still also one other question to wonder: Where does the series go now? What’s next for everyone behind the scenes?

For the cast, they get a little bit of a break. Unless they have to come in to re-record any lines via ADR, they may be able to enjoy some time off to take other roles, do the convention circuit, or anything else that they so desire. It’s certainly a different gig for them than in the past, where they ended up having to film Lucifer from around July or August until the middle of the spring. They have a few months more now and that allows for some other opportunities.

As for what we can do as viewers/supporters, there are some things that we can do other than just wait. Think in terms of going back to re-watch old episodes, or of course finding some ways to get people hooked on the show who may not have been previously. Basically, the objective here is finding a way to get as many people on board watching/loving the series as possible. That is going to be the #1 way in order to ensure that it can stick around for as long as humanly possible.

Now, beyond all of this, the biggest thing that we would suggest is simply this: Make sure to prepare yourselves for some binge-watching / tweeting when Lucifer season 4 does premiere — we don’t expect it to come on Netflix in the first couple of months of the year, but it could be at some point beyond that. The best way to make a good impression on Netflix is by showing that there is an active audience out there of Lucifans who are A) eager to check out the show and B) eager to do so as soon as humanly possible. Given that Netflix is these days canceling more shows than usual, this is just something that we have to be aware of.

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