Floribama Shore season 2 episode 17 video: Gus brings someone home…

Floribama SHore season 2As we move into Floribama Shore season 2 episode 17 airing on MTV Thursday night, there seems to be one way in which to describe the proceedings: DRAMATIC. Things are going to probably become chaotic rather-quickly, mostly because of the latest edition in an ongoing soap opera we could title “As the Gus Turns.” Somehow, someway, this guy just routinely finds a way to make a mess of things for himself.

Going into this epsiode, what we know at present is fairly simple: Nilsa has feelings for Gus, and it’s felt on some level like the two are closer to being together than they’ve been at any other point through the bulk of this series. Yet, at the same time there are clearly some other hurdles that they are going to be dealing with, including the notion that Gus isn’t anywhere near as into Nilsa as she is him. That’s been the sort of evidence that we’ve got from the show so far, whether it be via discussions, confessionals, or what Gus just chooses to do in the sneak peek below when he opts to bring home another woman. That’s going to cause some issues, right? If nothing else, it’s a clear sign of where his own feelings lie at the end of all of this.

One of the real fascinating things about the Gus/Nilsa relationship right now is just seeing how it works and exists within a world like Floribama Shore, which is one that produces some popularity for its cast members both during the season and off of it. Just from a business sense, you can argue that both Gus and Nilsa would be far more successful together than they would be individually, but that is a super-cynical way to look at things. There do have to be feelings and commitments there for a real relationship to actually work, but there is one piece of evidence as to why it could for people on reality shows like this — common ground. Very few people are ever going to understand what it’s like to go through an experience like this with the cameras and the editing and the social-media reaction to almost everything that you do. Gus and Nilsa do get that and they’ve certainly been through a lot already.

As we do start to near the end of season 2, maybe we’ll get a little more information when it comes to this relationship and what the future holds — if nothing else, we’re going to really need some updates at the very end of this on these two and many other characters!

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