Floribama Shore season 2 episode 17 preview: Gus, Nilsa’s future

Floribama ShoreFollowing tonight’s two new episodes, do you want to see what’s coming on Floribama Shore season 2 episode 17? Let’s just say that the Nilsa / Gus situation could get out of hand rather quickly…

Is there some hope for the two of them to be together and actually happy? In theory, sure — they both seem to like each other a lot on a personal level and outside the show, this does actually make a reasonable amount of sense. Both share an experience, after all, that few other people can relate to! The problem that you mostly have to wonder here, though, is simply this: Whether or not the two of them are actually ready … or whether or not Gus is.

Based on the preview below for next week’s new episode, it does seem like Nilsa is more than happy to move this in a direction of some sort of relationship. Alas, we’re not 100% sure that Gus feels the same way. He is a little bit more resistant to what is being thrown at him here and in the preview, he starts to ask Nilsa as to what she would do if she sees him getting close to someone else.

If the two are on the same page, this could turn out to be a rather happy, sweet relationship. If they are not, there’s a reasonably good chance that this could turn out to be some sort of bona-fide disaster. These are people who are going to continue to live with one another, after all, and that could create all sorts of awkwardness for the two of them if one of them does something that sends the other down an emotional tailspin. The house could be forced to pick sides and, in the midst of all of that, it’s fair to say that things would end up getting a little bit messy by the end of the season. (Granted, aren’t they always messy with this show?)

As we move forward through the rest of this Floribama Shore season, we do hope that there is at least some focus on this in the weeks to come. It is fairly clear that Gus and Nilsa, at least as a storyline, aren’t going anywhere in the future … though we do have to cross our fingers and hope that we really don’t end up seeing anywhere near as much moving forward of Logan. Isn’t that one part of this show and its overall legacy that we can leave in the past? It just feels at the moment like this may be the best thing for just about everyone.

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