Golden Globes 2019 surprises: Bodyguard, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Kieran Culkin

Golden GlobesWhat are some of the biggest surprises from this year’s Golden Globes nominations? We’re here to break many of those down further … though admittedly, this is not really the year for big surprises.

What basically happens at this point is rather simple: There are so many different names that flutter through the news cycle that really, it’s hard to come up with any one person or show that necessarily blows anyone away. Generally, most people out there have a sense of what’s an award-worthy show — though sometimes, the Hollywood Foreign Press does find a way to surprise us with a few things here and there.

Bodyguard and Richard Madden – Don’t get us wrong, as we absolutely love the choice — yet, we also felt going in like the political thriller would be listed as a limited series. Consider this the impact of the Hollywood Foreign Press, who acknowledges shows on a global level so much more than the Emmys. Bodyguard still has yet to accumulate an enormous stateside audience, but it was an enormous hit in Great Britain a little bit earlier this year.

Sacha Baron Cohen, Who Is America– The controversial Showtime series was the subject of mixed reviews as well as a whole lot of headlines about the participants in the “documentary”– basically, the #1 thing that you would expect from a show of this nature. Regardless of whether or not the end result ended up being particularly fantastic, we do agree that it is hard to really argue against the ability of Baron Cohen to completely transform himself into just about any role that he is presented with. Somehow, time and time again, he finds a way to deliver.

Kieran Culkin, Succession – This is a surprise to us just because it felt like Succession was going to get the same treatment as another brilliant premium-cable show in Billions — everyone would talk about it like it was something worthy of awards only to then be entirely ignored. Yet, this is a brilliant show and performance by Culkin, and we actually think the fact that it’s been so overlooked could only help it further as it moves into its second season.

For now, that’s really all we have for this year, given that the majority of the other nominations that we’ve seen are ones that, at least on some level, you could project. The HFPA are at least somewhat predictable, even with their “unpredictable” nominations to date.

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