Is Trai Byers leaving Empire, Andre role after season 4 fall finale?

Andre -Is Trai Byers really leaving Empireand his oh-so-famous role of Andre Lyon after the events of the season 4 fall finale? The episode tonight absolutely raised that question, and it’s clear that they want you thinking about it.

Yet, at the moment, nothing is 100% guaranteed. Despite what you may have saw that strongly suggested that Andre was going to end up in that now-infamous coffin, nothing altogether seems to be clear. For more on that, executive producer Brett Mahoney had the following to say via TVLine:

“It could be Andre [in the coffin] but it is not definitively Andre … There is still a lot more to be revealed about that mystery as the back half of the season unfolds.”

Just in case you needed some further verification that Byers isn’t for sure gone from the show’s world just yet, Mahoney also made it clear that he hasn’t actually decided for sure who is actually in the coffin. that’s something that is going to be figured out when the finale episode is completely written out — meaning that this is something that we won’t be getting a firm answer on for at least a little while still. With that in mind, if you enjoy Empire continue watching with this particular information firmly in mind.

If we do eventually lose Andre from this show, we do understand at least some of the logic behind it given the full scope of the journey and some of what he’s been through — there have been several times already where we felt like the character was almost-near death. He was certainly doing things at one point almost as though he did have a death wish, and we had to make some assumptions about the future trajectory of the series and the role with that in mind.

In the end, though, we don’t think that Empire is going to reveal the identity of the deceased in such an obvious way at this point, especially when there are so many other oh-so-complicated routes that they could choose to go with this. That’s something that we will have a chance to explore a little bit further in the weeks to come once some more information is clear. Given that we are just at the halfway point of the season, we’re really only at that point where you are just throwing darts and hoping that one of them sticks.

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Are you going to miss Andre on Empire if we really have reached the end of the road for that character? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and stay tuned for some more Empire news as we move our way through this hiatus. (Photo: Fox.)

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