Survivor: David vs. Goliath episode 12 review: A key Tribal Council decision

Survivor: David vs. Goliath

Tonight, Survivor: David vs. Goliath episode 12 kicked off with something that we know not everyone loves … but we personally do. The family visit is often fun and emotional, and here we got to meet everyone including Davie’s mom, Alison’s mom, Kara’s brother, Nick’s father, Gabby’s mom, Angelina’s mom, Mike’s boyfriend, and Christian’s girlfriend (who he introduced to Jeff in hilarious fashion).

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The winners of the reward challenge, which was done in teams of two, were Angelina and Nick. This was the first time all season that Angelina won immunity, and they decided to bring Mike and Davie with them on the reward. Apparently, Nick, Angelina, and Mike was to go to the final three together — Davie was a part of the deal that was made there but he didn’t feel anywhere near as comfortable with it.

Back at camp, things got a little bit more interesting thanks to Gabby realizing that Christian was in some ways a Survivor security blanket. She realized that so long as he was there, she would never be able to claim moves as her own. This was a chance to make a move on him and other people, especially Alison and Kara, seemed to be on board with it. After Kara won immunity, something that was at least rather-close for most of the episode, it seemed like all of the pieces were in their proper place.

Were they really?

In the immediate aftermath of the immunity challenge, Gabby was interested in spreading the information around about the Christian plan. Well, here’s the problem with that: It’s too early. Also, you don’t want to tell someone about this plan who will pass that along. That happened with Davie. He went and told Christian about the plan to get rid of him. This is something that Christian analyzed to a certain extent, but still was cagey about playing his immunity idol. He wrongly thought that he could get Mason Dixon back together with Nick and at this point, Nick just wasn’t having it.

Christian’s idea was that he wanted to vote out Alison; meanwhile, Davie’s idea was to try to split the vote so that Gabby could leave, if need be. He didn’t want to lose Christian, given that he was a valuable shield in his game.

The Tribal Council showdown

Christian knew going in that his butt was on the line, and we do think that he was signaled to play the idol by Gabby saying that she wanted to play the game more for herself. Nick did a pretty good job of bluffing, but we’re not altogether sure that Gabby did the same thing here. Yet, we weren’t going to know until Jeff Probst announced if someone wanted to play the idol.

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