The Flash season 5: What’s next after Eobard Thawne reveal?

Reverse Flash -The Flash delivered many big surprises in its 100th episode, but one of the biggest ones we saw featured Nora West-Allen in the closing minutes. After spending some time with Barry and Eobard Thawne in the past earlier on in the episode, it was revealed in the closing minutes that she knew the Reverse-Flash from her own timeline. She wasn’t necessarily privy to all of the information that he had about his history with Barry, but he was someone she went to as a source of information.

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But why would Nora even doing that, knowing at least on some level that this guy wasn’t on her side? Well, that’s something that executive producer Todd Helbing revealed after the fact in a new interview with TVLine:

“She’s working with him because, in the future, her mother isn’t telling her any information … So she goes to him for very specific information, which then leads to them building a relationship that we’ll start to unpack with the second half of the season.”

This is something that we’re going to need a lot more information on, mostly because Nora going to these extremes is a pretty big deal. We don’t think that she’s evil by any means, but she can be misguided and we certainly know that Thawne is incredibly manipulative. Beyond just that, we know that she’s not telling Barry about her history with Thawne for a reason.

Meanwhile, the actress behind Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) also promised that “you’ll definitely see more of that relationship — whatever weird, wacky relationship that is. That will all be explained … I’m really interested to see if fans enjoy it or if they hate it, and how they feel about Nora, if they’re going to like her or not like her.”

What we will say at the moment is this: We’re suddenly so much more curious about Nora and her story than we were previously, mostly because this adds a layer of complexity to who she is and precisely what she is doing in this particular timeline. The more that they can add a little bit of nuance here, the better off this series is going to be as a whole — especially when there’s often so much going on and with that, it can be easy for some people to end up lost in the shuffle.

One random question

Why was the Reverse-Flash Thawne’s face in the future? Were they just not able to get Matt Letscher, who played the character for most of season 2 onward?

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Where do you think that the story with Nora and the Reverse-Flash is going to from here? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments. (Photo: The CW.)

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