NCIS: New Orleans season 5 episode 9 review: Is Pride’s brother leaving town?

NCIS: New Orleans season 4 premiere

Tonight, NCIS: New Orleans season 5 episode 9 was a story, from start to finish, that was about double lives. It started with the victim at the heart of the episode in Jacob, but then as the story went along, more and more secrets started to unravel that ultimately suggested that nobody was precisely the person they claimed to be.

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Jacob himself was someone who secretly had two separate lives with different wives and different families, but what we also came to learn over time is that he was a dangerous man and that some within his families were trained in some rather dangerous arts themselves — and at an early age. We’ve heard of child operatives before, but some of what these people were doing was certainly over-the-top and not entirely what we expected at all.

Is this going to be an episode that everyone out there buys into at all? We’re not sure about that, mostly due to the premise and what was really going on here behind the scenes. Yet, we do know that there are these sort of covert organizations out there exist and with that in mind, we have to think that all of this, crazy as it may seem, was plausible.

Jimmy faces his past

For a good chunk of the episode, we did think that Pride’s brother was going to skip down after learning that some mistakes within his past life were going to come back to bite him in some sort of big and super-dramatic way. He didn’t want to deal with some of the ramifications for who he was at this point and we get that, given of course the fact that he had started a new life and had a job that he was happy and comfortable with.

Yet, in the end Jimmy did decide to stick around in New Orleans, opting that just facing his past was going to be the better course of action for him than the opposite. Pride encouraged him, and the two did have a fun brotherly moment courtesy of Jimmy wearing his suit.

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode tonight did offer up a chance to see a case unlike any other that we’ve seen, plus the continuance of a Pride / Jimmy storyline that’s been fun to watch. Do we still wish there were some opportunities in here to see more for the supporting cast? Sure, mostly because there hasn’t been a lot for people like Tammy and Patton to do in a while other than participate in the case of the week.

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