Ink Master season 11 episode 14 video: A flash challenge with crayons!

Ink MasterWhen you read the title above, it’s easy to make an assumption about Tuesday night’s new Ink Master that everyone is going to be drawing something with crayons. Yet, that is not going to be 100% the case.

Rather than video below from Tuesday night’s season 11 episode 14 makes it clear that this challenge is going to be instead about stacking crayons, something that is infinitely more complicated than just using them to doodle something out. Stacking crayons on top of crayons makes for an especially exhausting experience, mostly because you have to design everyone out in advance and then also make sure that you are creating the right shapes and then adding the right textures mixed in there.

From the get-go, it feels pretty clear that this is a challenge that nobody really seems to want any part of and understandably so. Designing all of this out proves to be complicated, especially when it comes to the part where people have to work together. While it seems as though Team Christian is able to come up with an idea for their design without too much of a delay, they have a little bit more of a problem when it comes to working together as it goes along. We think that this is almost entirely a function of everyone spending as much time together as they have in this competition. When you are spending hours upon hours with other people, you almost certainly do have to expect to go along with that a point where you’re just honestly sick of everyone.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t actually seem like Tony Medellin from Team Cleen is all that psyched about the design his coach has come up with … but he also does recognize on some level that the team’s going to fare so much better if they can just get it done and don’t spend a lot of time on coming up with an idea.

While personally, we probably like Christian’s idea slightly better, both of these are actually pretty pleasant to look at. We don’t necessarily think that there is a dud amongst the two and this isn’t one of those flash challenges where you can predict minutes before it’s even over who is going to win. Regardless of who does, it does feel like Team Cleen’s still got a good chance of bringing two artists to the finale. Both Tiffer Wright and Tony have been consistently solid all season long, and they each may have a better chance of making it to the end than either Tim or Amanda on Team Christian.

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