How Life-Size 2 incorporated small Lindsay Lohan reference

Lfie-SizeOne of the biggest TV events of Sunday night is one that is almost two decades old.

Remember Life-Size? Well, you probably do in the event that you are reading this article! The original movie officially got a follow-up movie in Life-Size 2 on Freeform tonight, and this one featured the return of Tyra Banks as Eve, a doll who magically finds herself coming to life. This entire movie is an espresso shot of nostalgia to people who grew up on the original, but throughout most of it, there was one appropriate question to wonder: Where was Lindsay Lohan? Her character of Casey was a hugely-important part of the original movie and it was one of her first big roles following her breakout appearance in The Parent Trap.

Well, you can see below via Tyra’s Twitter just one of the ways that Lohan and the original movie were honored tonight. Beyond that, though, it does seem as though she was going to actually make an appearance before she ended up booking a new reality docuseries over at MTV. That made it so that it was really impossible to do both. Here’s some more of what Banks had to say on that in a recent BUILD Series interview:

“We had many conversations! Mostly on DM and text. Like a lot! And then we had real conversations on the phone. I loved these conversations because she was literally at the beach of her clubs [in Greece], and I could hear the music … She was about to do [the movie], but then she got this MTV show and she couldn’t leave. That was heartbreaking, so we figured out creative ways to still incorporate her.”

All in all, it seems like the movie did its best, and while we know that some people would’ve preferred a more straightforward sequel with many of the same characters, this is at least bringing a new generation of fans into this particular world. Life-Size 2 was an ambitious production for Freeform in general, especially since it’s a part of their lineup all about Christmas with movies on throughout the entire month. If you didn’t catch it tonight, have no fear: It’s almost a certainty that they are going to find a few spots to replay it.

As for whether or not we’re going to get a Life-Size 3 after this … never say never? It does feel like it’s something that could be considered in some way, depending of course on what the ratings for this movie end up being. (That of course means ratings throughout the entire holiday season more so than just ratings tonight.)

Did you watch Life-Size 2 on Freeform tonight, and what did you think about the end product? Did you find yourself missing Lohan or some of what she brought to the table? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments. (Photo: Freeform.)

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