Empire season 5 fall finale video: Jamal and Kai’s breaking point

Empire season 4 episode 1The Empire season 5 fall finale is coming up on Fox Wednesday night, and at the center of it lies Jamal and Kai at a huge crossroads. The implications here are clear, mostly because it’s all about Kai’s relationship versus his career.

Here’s the central dilemma, as evidenced in the new sneak peek below (via TVLine). Kai has some information about Lucious Lyon that could shoot his career forward in a really big way — yet, it’s far from terrible. Lucious is a man who has made a career out of covering for many of the artists he’s overseen. He’s made sure that negative things about them get buried, and a lot of them are serious stuff — think in terms of crimes, assaults, or other bad behavior.

There are two different reasons why this is problematic for Jamal. For one, this is his family and now is certainly not the time in which he wants to have to deal with all of this. It’s going to put him in a situation where he has to pick a side and understandably so, he doesn’t want that. More than anything else, we just feel like this guy probably wants an element of peace at this point. It’s not something that he’s had all that often in his life, especially through all of the years that Empire has been on the air.

The other reason for him is rather simple in its own right: Lucious and Empire kept things about his own life secret, things that he did not want anyone to know pertaining to his drug use. While he’s not necessarily saying that everyone else should be given a pass for some of what happened to them, Jamal does have a little bit more empathy for some of what happened to these people than Kai clearly does. He’s a guy trying to do his job, but Jamal can’t see it that way. This is family to him and family matters more than just about anything.

At the end of this sneak, Kai does make it very much clear that he wants to continue to run the piece; if he doesn’t, he will have resentment that Jamal kept him from doing it for virtually the remainder of his life. We’ll have to see precisely where that ends up going in the end.

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