Supergirl season 4 episode 8 review: Is Ben Lockwood gone for good?

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Given that Supergirl season 4 episode 8 was the last before the Elseworlds crossover, it may as well be considered the midseason finale. With that in mind, there was a lot of really excellent material that the CW show had to present.

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For most of the show’s characters, the goal tonight was simple: Track down Agent Liberty. They just chose to do it in a wide array of different manners. For Manchester Black, for example, it meant seeking him out personally as the latest measure of revenge. He’d figured out that Ben Lockwood was the man behind the mask and with that, he wanted to make him suffer in every way possible. Really, the thing that we saw with Manchester was that he was too cocky in his plan for revenge and with that in mind, he didn’t end up killing him when he had a chance — while he was in his home, and also with his wife. Yet, he wanted to make him suffer, and in the process of the altercation Ben escapes. Blame in part J’onn J’onnz for this, as he used his telepathy in order to try and distract him.

While all of this was going on, the visions of one Nia Nal started to come into play. As it turns out, she is an alien and someone who possesses a rare ability to see things in the future — though clearly, she’s still trying to figure some of that out. This is where Brainy came into play. Kara brought him along to hone her abilities, and they were eventually able to track down Manchester and keep him from killing Agent Liberty. Does this mean that they are on his page? Hardly, but as we’ve seen , Kara likes to operate as a hero in a slightly different way from anything that we’ve seen from Manchester.

The aftermath

As it turns out, Ben Lockwood was publicly outed as Agent Liberty and, at the end of the hour, put into handcuffs. For the time being, it does seem as though he’s taken care of.

Yet, there are some other issues that had to dealt with — including some political ones. In the aftermath of Agent Liberty’s arrest and his declaration that Supergirl’s identity is secret, that caused the President to rethink his policy. He made it clear at the DEO that Supergirl needed to reveal who she really was since otherwise, the nation would start to unravel.

Because Supergirl would not reveal her alter ego publicly, the President dismissed her from the DEO — with that, it seems like Kara doesn’t have a job anymore.

CarterMatt Verdict

This was a fascinating fall finale, mostly because of the fact that this was a very different one that we’ve seen. The villain in Agent Liberty was stopped, but as we expected, doing this did not mean that the public was happy. There are protests outside of the jail and the movement is almost certain to consider to some degree.

Ben’s final words to Kara were “see you soon,” but that wasn’t the end of the episode. On Earth-90 at the end of the episode, we saw a battlefield of sorts decorated with chaos, and to go along with that, a mysterious figure we know to be The Monitor. Is he taking out super-powered characters?

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