Saturday Night Live review: Claire Foy highlights, Netflix spoof, & Dad Christmas

Saturday Night LiveTonight’s Saturday Night Live episode was an intriguing one on the surface, mostly because the presence of one Claire Foy as the host. She’s not someone particularly well-known for comedy, but she did The Crown and she was eager to do this in the promo.

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Foy’s introduction was short but sweet — she told a few jokes, discussed politics, and also talked about the time that she met Queen Elizabeth. She didn’t waste a whole lot of time before allowing the show to move onward into some comedy … which may be a good thing since there was some good stuff ahead.

Netflix’s infinite loop – This both really funny and also really accurate, as this entire sketch was a reminder of how Netflix has about a billion different things to watch — including, apparently, all of the fake movies from Entourage. From start to finish, we considered this to be endlessly entertaining and we found all of it to be worth even a re-watch down the road.

Morning Joe – This was basically a rinse-and-repeat of every single Morning Joe sketch that the show is done, which basically consisted of watching the show’s version of Joe and Mika going on and on about themselves before hitting on each other during the middle of the show. Apparently, “partisan politics’ are the safe word.

Letters from War – This was a strange and ridiculous sketch that was a spoof of one of those classic romantic movies that you see all of the time. This was the biggest showcase that we’ve seen of Foy and, by and large, she carried this as best she could — though Mikey Day handled some of the bigger, broader moments.

Dad Christmas – What is the first Christmas like for kids of divorce? That was at the center of this particular sketch, which gave you a pretty ridiculous look at how kids have to deal with this particular sort of celebration … which is really not all that much of a celebration at all. It mostly consists of your dad suddenly loving Jimmy Buffett and having a new woman in his life for some odd reason.

Weekend Update – There were some really memorable moments during the segment tonight, whether it be Leslie Jones talking about his sex life (and deciding that she was going to get back out there) and then also Jules, the new character from Beck Bennett who “sees things differently.” This feels like it’s someone Beck probably knows in real life and it may actually be one of the more promising Weekend Update characters we’ve had in quite some time.

We also want to give SNL a little bit of credit here for also acknowledging and paying tribute to George H.W. Bush in their own way.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – This whole sketch was mostly about what happened with two of Charlie’s relatives decide to start having sex in their bed that they share with the other aunt and uncle … and that’s it. This was incredibly stupid but, at the same time, we do think that it was worth a laugh for a minute or two.

HSN – This was a fantastic showcase from Cecily Strong as an HSN guest who forgot a lot of her product in her Uber on the way over and with that, she just came on the stage and started to swear up a storm and writhe all of over the table. There was nothing for HSN to even sell, and the real winners here are Claire Foy and Kenan Thompson for not breaking at all during this.

Staten Island public access show – This was just a chance for everyone to bust out some of their New York accents and have a little bit of fun joking about infidelity, materialism, and some other ridiculous stuff.

Also, we’re really thrilled that Pete Davidson stopped by in this sketch given some of his comments on Staten Island … his character also looked a lot like Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V.

Mueller Christmas carol – For the final sketch of the night, many of the women on the show came out and performed a Christmas song all about wanting Robert Mueller to finally release some more information from his lengthy investigation into Donald Trump and the allegations of collusion.

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