Ray Donovan season 6 episode 5 video: Can Mickey make a getaway?

Ray DonovanAs we look ahead to Ray Donovan season 6 episode 5 airing on Showtime this weekend, there are many different questions to wonder … especially about Mickey Donovan. Is it possible that this many is really going to be able to get out of New York, and potentially the entire country while he’s at it?

At the moment, we are bearing witness to a version of this character who has the largest death wish that he’s ever had and just about every single move that he’s making is bringing him closer to that endgame. This is someone who has already committed many an atrocious act and it appears, at least on the surface, like he is doing the only thing that he still can to avoid going to prison again.

While we hesitate to say that anything is impossible with this particular show, we are reasonably confident in our thoughts that there is fundamentally no way that Mickey can get out of this particular problem. Either he goes back to jail or he dies. How else does he find a way to escape all of this? On the surface, it really doesn’t feel like he can given that the walls are closing in all around him and he’s struggling to figure out a proper way in which for him to handle all of this.

There’s also a chance that Ray himself may pour some of his own resources towards ending his father’s quest, though he does also have some other priorities at the moment. Take, for example, Sam Winslow’s life potentially being in jeopardy and him realizing that he needs to do whatever he can in order to help her. While we don’t necessarily think that the two have a perfect relationship by any means, there is a great deal of history here and this is something that Ray Donovan and the show’s producers can really touch on throughout the episode … though we hope that they also spend a little bit of time trying to figure out what they want to do when it comes to Anita. That’s probably the most controversial part of this entire season in our eyes, mostly because it does feel to be so much of an echo to everything that we have had a chance to see within this particular world so far. Ray always has a tendency to get a little too close to some of the people that he is looking to help and because of that, he runs into a little bit of chaos as result.

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