Survivor: David vs. Goliath episode 12: Suggestions for the final 8!

David vs. GoliathGiven that we’re so close to the end of Survivor: David vs. Goliathwe’re going to move away from our five players to watch series. Instead, we’re going to look briefly at all of the remaining eight players + what they need to do in order to win the game!

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Christian – He just needs to be constantly darting around back and forth across the island, desperate to ensure that he is constantly aware of what’s going on at just about every turn. It’s really the only way in which we imagine he will win in the end, since he’s going to be a target for quite some time moving forward.

Nick – With him, it’s going to be all about using his social relationships. Even though he was on the opposite side of the vote this past time from Mike and Christian, those three guys still have a good bond and we do think that there is still a chance that they can find a way to work together.\

Gabby – Know when to strike and when to lay low. We worry that her considering taking out Christian at this point, as evidenced in the preview, is a move that she is making far too soon. You want to be aggressive, but you also don’t want to cut close allies this early so that other ones lose trust.

Davie – Mostly, just try and recover from the Carl vote and make inroads elsewhere. Davie’s big problem right now is that we haven’t seen him bond all that much with the Goliath tribe … which definitely does make us wonder if he will or if he’ll be out of the game soon.

Angelina – Just keep swimming. We’re not sure if Angelina has a great shot of winning, but if she can find a way to make it through the next couple of votes, she could become a player who is underestimated, is brought to the end, and could at least get a couple of votes.

Mike – This is where Mike needs to really start getting aggressive and figuring out moves that he can own and claim at the end. Given his fame outside the game and success, he’s going to need to show that he’s far and away the best player to have a shot.

Alison – Stick with Gabby and Christian for now, and use Kara and Mike to flip on them at final three. An Alison, Kara, and Mike final three is one that Alison could win … but we’re not sure Christian and Gabby will like these three with them near the end.

Kara – Get a real #1 ally, since we’re not sure she has one in this group, and try to find a way to start scheming and making moves that are mostly hers. If we were her, we’d consider joining up with Davie, Angelina, and Nick now provided that she can get Mike or Alison to flip back. Getting rid of Christian or Gabby at this point is a big move.

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