Blue Bloods season 9 episode 9 review: Is Danny ready to date again?

Blue Bloods season 9

Blue Bloods doesn’t always link a number of its characters with a big storyline, but that happened tonight in between Frank, his advisers, and then also Jamie and Eddie. This was a story about a raid, and to go along with that, what it did to the local community.

The raid came about on a prominent apartment complex, one that featured some residents that were harassing cops pretty early on in the episode. Frank ordered this as retaliation, and the chaos that ensued was pretty obvious. There were a ton of arrests, but also a serious fear that the punishment didn’t fit the crime.

As difficult as it was for Frank and the NYPD to have to tow this line, it did end up proving to be more fruitful than any of them first expected. Eddie ended up identifying one of the people at the raid as a potential serial killer, and she was able to use this to find a way in which to bring him in.

Danny lends a helping hand

For the second time in two years, we did have a storyline tonight about the character getting a potential love interest. Last season, Danny made it clear that he wasn’t interested in moving forward with his romantic life after losing Linda. Yet, there was another opportunity that presented itself for him tonight in the form of a woman he had locked up previously. She came to Danny looking for him to talk to her little brother and get him set straight; yet, he ended up actually being in serious trouble. He was packing a gun and with that, Danny actually brought him in and gave him more than just a talking to. It also turned out that this gun was tied to past homicides, so this kid got an introduction to potentially spending years behind bars.

Instead of that, the kid admitted that he hadn’t killed anyone, but that he could have gone down that road. He only got a few months in jail and, because of that, he will eventually get another chance. Danny also realized that he still wasn’t ready to move on with his life romantically, but at least he did think about it.

Nicky and Nicky

As it turned out, Nicky had a new boyfriend with the same name as her! Yet, that was about all that the two had in common given that he was much older than her … and that he was also totally faking the relationship in order to help his uncle get out of legal trouble. He used her, Nicky caught him in the act, and she was able to call him out on it. Her mother was right about him, as frustrating as it was for her to admit that.

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode was mostly about a raid, but it’s actually the Danny storyline that we may remember the most. Sure, it did show that he was a good cop … but it did also hint that he may at least be starting to look forward with his life again.

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