MacGyver season 3 episode 9 review: The CDC story; Billy’s surprise

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If you love MacGyver episodes with a lot of different dimensions to them, we like to think that season 3 episode 9 delivered. After all, you had a CDC crisis in one corner of the story and then a Riley – Billy road trip in the other.

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Let’s actually start here with what happened with Riley and her boyfriend, given that on the surface, this didn’t seem to be all that big of a deal. The two were doing everything that they could in order to head to Dallas from Los Angeles — Billy had a surprise waiting for her there, but the problem was that as the episode went along, it became harder to imagine the two making it there. For starters, Billy’s car got stolen and there was a temporary distraction as he tried to get it back.

Eventually, Billy did get Riley to the site of his surprise at the end of the episode — he had tracked down her grandmother, who was more than excited to see her in the closing minutes. This does say a good bit about the sort of person Billy Colton is, and we have a rather hard time imagining that she’s going to be going anywhere after this — even if he’s getting really involved in her personal life.

As for what was happening with MacGyver, Jack, and Bozer, they found themselves in a position where they were forced to find a mystery agent who left the CDC with a dangerous toxin, one that they could use in order to carry out a potential assassination. The objective here was simple enough — try to keep said assassination from happening — but actually doing anything about it was a challenge. That was especially the case when they realized that Luca, the man that they were tracking down, may very well be contagious in his own right. That was one of the last stages of his plan, since he was going to touch an infect his political target.

As we started to hear Luca’s story at the end of the episode, we understood that he had gone through some heartbreaking stuff. Yet, at the same time this by no means justified any of his actions. Mac and the other guys were eventually able to contain Luca long enough that he was taken in. Meanwhile, the same person he was going to target ended up dying.

CarterMatt Verdict

We do think Mac said this best: It’s fascinating that someone went through so much trouble to kill one person, especially when the end result of it could impact millions. Yet, sometimes desperate people don’t always think as they should. There was a fun contrast in this story between a case that impacted millions and then something for Billy and Riley that was really just about the two of them.

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