The View, Joy Behar invite on Kid Rock after Fox News controversy

Marie OsmondEven though television viewers on the West Coast are still in the early part of their day, there’s already been quite the saga on morning TV.

First, it began with an appearance from Kid Rock (because why not?) on Fox & Friends, where he talked about drinking coffee and Baileys, politics, and also Joy Behar for some reason. To be specific, he dropped a certain world beginning with a B in relation to her that led to Steve Doocy and Fox News at large to issue a number of different apologies. (As of late, the cable-news network has made efforts to try to limit the number of live-TV incidents involving some of their guests.)

It was pretty clear that this controversy was going to be addressed later on Joy Behar’s own show in The Viewand indeed it was with many of the panelists chiming in and also chiding Kid Rock (who, per Meghan McCain, is actually named “Bob” — who knew?). While it may have been fair to expect somewhat of a brouhaha following what happened earlier on Fox News, the response here was somewhat muted. Many of Behar’s fellow panelists took up for Joy, who tried her best to extend an invitation to Kid Rock to appear on their show. Will he do that? It’s possible, mostly because it A) gets attention for him and B) gets ratings for The View as a whole.

It was pretty clear in this discussion that the priorities were all over the place. While Behar wanted to do her part to laugh about the controversy, Abby Huntsman took her time to commend Fox News for their swift response, noting that she was in a position in the past where she had to clear things up after a guest referred to President Obama as a racist on-air.

Is this the last that we’re going to hear of this saga? Probably not, mostly due to the simple fact that these are morning shows that tend to rinse-and-repeat news stories. With that in mind, we have a hard time imagining that this is the final time in which we’re going to hear about this over the next few days … but we will see how things end up playing out from here. What’s certainly possible now is that, at least in this particular news cycle, come Monday there’s a reasonably good chance that everyone forgets all about this and then just moves on to the next hot topic (The View pun here obvious intended).

You can watch the full segment involving Kid Rock play out over at the link here.

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