Blue Bloods season 9 episode 9 video: Jamie, Frank talk things out

Blue Bloods season 9

What’s coming up on Blue Bloods season 9 episode 9? Well, it looks as though we could be getting a rather interesting heart-to-heart between Jamie and Frank — but as members of the NYPD more so than just a son and his father.

In the sneak peek, you can get a pretty good sense as to some of what is unfolding on this upcoming episode, mostly as a result of a series of mass arrests that took place at an apartment complex. Many officers in the neighborhood (one that Jamie just so happens to oversee) were getting some harassment and verbal abuse, and as a result of that, Frank decided to order a raid where people with outstanding warrants found themselves getting brought in and charged. It’s pretty clear at this point that this is not the ideal situation for anyone; Frank admits that he may have gone too hard and that the punishment for these people does not fit the crime.

Yet, in Frank’s situation he does wonder what else he could have really done in order to smooth over some tensions. Was there another way for him to make his point and achieve his desired result? That’s something that he does not quite know in this conversation with Jamie, but we understand mostly where Jamie is coming from in terms of this being not exactly the greatest idea in the world. Jamie is the person who is constantly stuck on the street with some of these people and because of that, he knows that if there is a possible retaliation, it could come in the direction of the cops he works to oversee. He has an on-the-ground perspective here that Frank does not have and because of that, he understands that there could be a pretty-severe amount of blowback as a result of everything that happens here.

One way or another, we’re sure that this episode of Blue Bloods is going to be intense — just be assured that we’re absolutely here to sink our teeth into just about every single segment of it from start to finish. It will be also interesting to see if there are any aftereffects to this raid that last beyond this episode, mostly because that is something that Blue Bloods does not often try to do.

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