Chicago PD interview: Rick Eid previews big Antonio story, Ruzek & Upton

Chicago PD

The Chicago PD season 6 fall finale is set to air on NBC come Wednesday, December 5 at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time, and all signs point towards this being a huge episode! The story of Antonio Dawson from the first part of the season is going to escalate into a dramatic, dangerous direction — and to help get you ready for this we have our interview with showrunner Rick Eid for you! For those of you who are interested in Ruzek / Upton, there is a little tease in here about it as well.

This is the first part of our two-part interview with Eid; come back here that at the conclusion of the episode Wednesday where he talks with us further about the fall finale and the cliffhanger (more on that in a bit)

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CarterMatt – When did you start figuring out that you wanted to tell a big Antonio story for the fall finale?

Rick Eid – I think when we were talking at the beginning of the year about the show and the characters in general, we started talking about what would be an interesting place for Antonio to be mid-point in the season, especially when it came to Ruzek and Voight. During the premiere, Antonio was at odds with Ruzek and at odds with Voight, and trying to take a by-the-book approach [to policework]. We thought it would be interesting to see where this relationship could evolve to.

What was Jon’s reaction to finding out about this?

He was excited to explore subject of opioid and pill addiction. I think it was a tough place for him to go, but I think he was excited to do.

The promo for the episode shows Burgess tracking down a possible suspect in a bust before realizing that the person she’s chasing is Antonio. How can we expect the Intelligence group react to what could be happening here?

I think ultimately, it’s about the Intelligence unit being people and looking at it as family, and having incredible empathy for someone they care about and are willing to sacrifice their careers for something that matters to them.

Is there anything that you can speak to when it comes to Ruzek or Upton in the fall finale?

Their relationship remains strong — there’s a real relationship brewing there. I think Adam is, maybe just maybe, a little more smitten and excited about the future than Upton, but they both like each other a lot and are having fun with it. It’s a meaningful, casual relationship at the moment.

How would you describe the ending of the fall finale? Should they brace themselves for a big cliffhanger?

Yes they should. It’s shocking and compelling.

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